The Fear of God – 08-15-21

The Bible says that the Fear of God is the beginning of both Knowledge and Wisdom. Should we still Fear God today?

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The Witnesses – 04-11-21

The Resurrection of Jesus was not a secret event. There were hundreds of Eye-Witnesses that testified about the Risen Christ.

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Three Days – 04-04-21

Jesus died a sacrificial death on the cross. That event happened on Good Friday. But, in only 3 days, He would rise from the grave and be glorified.

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Expectations – 03-14-21

Misplaced expectations can cause a multitude of troubles. Therefore, we need to take extra care when understanding what the Bible has to say about Salvation.

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Our Inheritance – 03-07-21

Peter tells us in his first epistle that believers are kept by the power of God through faith for our salvation. What a blessing that promise is.

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Before Abraham Was, I Am – 02-14-21

Did Jesus ever claim to be God? Yes, He did and He did so very clearly.

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The Mortification of Sin – 02-07-21

Part of our Sanctification and Spiritual Maturity is the putting to death of the Flesh. The Bible teaches us to Mortify Sin and Vivify the Gifts of the Spirit.

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New Beginnings – 01-03-21

Sometimes you just need to start over. Thankfully, God is merciful and He can give you a New Beginning.

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