Cory Wiggington


Getting Beyond the Milk – 11-12-17

Hebrews 5:11-6:2 speaks about Apostasy. This passage warns Christians about regressing in their spiritual maturity and living only on the milk. It encourages us to continue progressing and learn about the deeper things of Christ.

Why Christianity is Different – 09-10-17

What is it that makes Christianity different from all other world religions? We are saved by Grace through Faith and that not of Works.

Judge Not – What Jesus Really Said – 08/20/17

Matthew 7:1-6 is a verse that is frequently taken out of context by unbelievers and believers alike. What was Jesus really saying when He taught, “Judge Not”?

The New Covenant – 07/02/17

God establishes Covenants with mankind in order to govern our relationship with Him. The Mosaic Covenant, the Old Covenant, gave us the Law of God, but it does not save. As such, Jeremiah prophesied about a New Covenant. A Covenant where God would forgive and forget sin. In the New Covenant, we have a better High Priest, a better Sacrifice, and better Promises. This Covenant has been sealed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Prodigal Son – 06/11/17

The Prodigal Son is the story of a son who rebels and repents. it also speaks of redemption given by the Father, and the resentment held by the eldest son.

Palm Sunday – The Triumphal Entry – 04/09/17

The events surrounding the Triumphal Entry are replete with fulfill prophecy. God divinely directed the course of human history to culminate at the cross. We find our hope in the death and resurrection of Jesus, The Christ.

The Eternal Word, According to John – 03/26/17

Jesus is God incarnate. He is rightly described as the Son of God and the Second member of the Holy Trinity. In John 1:1-14, we see how the Apostle describes Jesus and learn why a right understanding of our Lord is vitally important to our Salvation!

Methods in Evangelism – 06/26/16

There is not one, perfect method that can be used in Evangelism. Some will plant seeds, some will water, but it is God that gives growth. In Acts 17, Paul evangelizes the Jews and Gentiles in different ways. He meets these groups where they are in their understanding and then leads them to the truth of the Gospel.

The Character of David – 04/03/16

The Bible says that David had a heart after the Lord’s. The character of David can be seen no better place than in his encounter with Goliath. Listen and hear about the faith of David.

Discipleship and Sanctification – 11/08/15

Discipleship is not an option for Christians it is a necessity. It is the pattern that Jesus used to teach his followers and it is the model through which we have received the Faith from those who have come before us. Discipleship is one way that Christians can grow spiritually and progress through Sanctification.

Tolerance, Compromise, and Persecution – 09/06/15

The Word of God is Authoritative. Christians are subject to the God’s Law and are unable to redefine sin based on the current social narrative. Christians will never compromise on the truth of God’s Word. By taking this stand, Christians understand that persecution and sacrifice await us. Yet, it is better to be persecuted by man than to deny our infinite Creator. Praise the Lord!

Why We Should Read the Bible – 03/22/15

As Christians, it is our responsibility to read the Word of God. Through the Word, we learn about Salvation. We grow in our Sanctification. We learn more about God and what He requires of us. We need to be able to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to this unredeemed world.