Welcome, Beloved, and Praise be to God! My name is Cory Wiggington. I am a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am married to a wonderful, Godly woman and have a son who is the joy of my life. I have been blessed to serve the Lord my entire life.

As a young child, I grew up in the Assembly of God among other Charismatic denominations. Around the age of 8, my family began attending either Baptist or Restoration Movement churches. Finally, when I turned 21, I humbly accepted the role of Deacon at the Christian Church of which I was a member.

In 2010, I felt the call to minister the Gospel. As such, I enrolled in seminary in the fall of 2012. In Spring 2016, I graduated from Oral Roberts University, earning a Master of Divinity degree. One day, I hope to attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Doctorate of Ministry with a focus on Expositional Preaching.

My eclectic theological upbringing has given me a broad perspective on the world of Christianity. I am a Calvinist who loves Reformed Theology but still retains some Dispensational beliefs. I would humbly admit that my understanding of theology is not 100% accurate, but I do my best to read, research, and correct my thinking in order to better align with the teachings of the Bible. All I can say is that my understanding is better today than it was yesterday. Sanctification is a life long process after all.

The biggest modern day influences in my life are John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, and James R. White. I am deeply indebted to the work of these men, and while I do not claim to be as smart as them, I endeavor to do my best for the Kingdom of God.

It is my utmost hope that my understanding and explanation of the Holy Scriptures will strengthen your faith and give glory to our Heavenly Father. The Lord Jesus called us to go into all of the world and make disciples. I pray that the Lord uses my work to draw you closer to Him.

Cory Wiggington