About the Author

Welcome, Beloved, and Praise to the Most High! My name is Cory Wiggington. I am a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am married to a wonderful, Godly woman and have a son who is the joy of my life. I grew up in a small country church and have been blessed to serve the Lord my entire life. In 2016, I became a seminary graduate from Oral Roberts University, earning a Master of Divinity. I am Reformed in my beliefs. The biggest modern day influences in my life are John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, and James White. While I do not claim to be as smart as these men, I endeavor to do my best for the Kingdom of God.

It is my utmost hope that my understanding and explanation of the Holy Scriptures will strengthen your faith and give glory to our Heavenly Father. The Lord Jesus called us to go into all of the world and preach. Join with me as I spread the Word of the Living God!